E.J. Dávila

Trans* Positive Salsa?

I have heard this song a handful of times growing up, but being a toddler with limited Spanish did not allow me to really grasp the meaning of the song. I forgot this song existed for a long time until last year when a friend of mine brought it up. I re-listened and was floored! Was this seriously a trans* positive salsa song? And even a critique of machismo? Have a listen!

Special thanks to youtube user yaramaca for uploading and translating the song.

Respeto y amor, Willie Colón!

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¿Que Lo Que?

Saludos! I’m a 21 year old transgender (FTM) Boricua studying sociology and Latin American Studies at SUNY Binghamton, and you can call me E.J.!

she wants the d

The content of this blog will include queer news and issues, pictures & videos, interviews, complaints, and personal experiences (familial, institutional, etc) from myself and other queer-identified boricuas.

This blog will be a safe space for and about queer people of color with the intention of bringing light to those who have been rendered invisible by various systems of power. Those who are forced to negotiate their identity between spaces and those that exist at the intersection of those identities. I hope you get angry, learn, laugh, and enjoy!

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