Big brother

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The grass is greener on the other side
Should never have been heard of

Look what happened when your destiny
Manifested to the other side

The green the greed is what you seek
When it’s not found your voices get deep

What about our grass that you’ve made your own?
The green you stole to call home

Now you want it all, but what if you should fall?
No that can’t happen because you have us stalled

Big brother, how can you do this to me?

Like mules we carry this nation on our back
Oh hell no! Now we’re sick…..time to attack

We scream “Fight” and you take it as
We’re trying to whip some ass

But hold on…
We’re the happiest people around
So go on and put your scary sticks to the ground

Big brother, how can you do this to me?

What happened to your brazos?
Your promise to carry and embrace us?

Instead of the small hand that touched us
The bigger hand cut us

Instead of manifesting your green grass destiny
To all the other sides

How about working to fix the issues
That are manifesting inside

You don’t have to go too far to learn
That the more cheap labor the less we earn

Big brother, how can you do this to me?

Why we? It’s we because I speak for all
Of the people who face injustice

Just because they are not white and no espica good English

And yes color is still a factor in this country
Especially as I write this line
I’m talking about this white and black divide

Yet another issue of disregard and disrespect
What about the brown, yellows and reds that are left?

This is why I march, I speak, I write
Because just one is a beginning…a start
But many make a union…the bigger part

Why me get in it?
Because I am it, I live it, I learn it, I see it, I be it.

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Dorian Ortega

Dorian is a co-founder of La Respuesta and a Puerto Rican female who was born in Chicago. Her paternal and maternal grandparents immigrated to Chicago in the 1960's from Cayey, Comerío, and Barranquitas, Puerto Rico. She's worked as a research assistant on projects related to minority health, specifically Puerto Rican children with asthma. She's been a part of a faith community since birth and is an active member of Primera Iglesia Congregacional de Chicago. The church has historically supported the release of the Puerto Rican political prisoners and was home to Rev. Jose "Viejo" Torres and his wife Alejandrina Torres, a former political prisoner. Dorian graduated from a Master's program in Clinical Counseling with a specialization in Latino/a mental health. Her interests are in feminist and multicultural psychology, Puerto Rican mental health, and racism within the Diaspora.