Chasing Charlie

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The plans for Charlie after an extremely unexpected and heartbreaking departure buy cialis online canada pharmacy from El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico include conversations with no other than Mr. Sergio George.

Confirmation has been delivered through the “horse’s mouth” unequivocally, to wit: Charlie Aponte, via radio interview with La Zeta 93 (the best Salsa station in the universe) that he was approached by the very capable and talented Sergio George about a possible musical endeavour. According to Charlie himself, they are having a second meeting in Miami real soon.

Judging by Charlie’s tone in the interview, Charlie, to say the least was wooed. Here’s why: Sergio George is, and always has been in possession of success driven abilities to produce, arrange and make Salsa magic happen. Moreover, with the demeanor of a Latin Music Godfather, he chases talent worth having

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(I wonder if he wears a pinky ring.) It’s no wonder that Charlie would be engaging in conversations that hopefully include some mojitos, lyrical arranging and maybe a little recording?

Sergio told me during our generic viagra 2013 interview:

“M: What do you base your decision on when you take on an artist?

S: I have to like their talent and potential for national exposure. Basically, they have to sell to the public. My job is to reach the masses, otherwise what I do doesn’t matter. That’s why I take on artists that have that mass-appeal and that I personally like and that have passion for music, like I do.”

While I was personally moved and saddened by the news of Charlie’s departure from El Gran Combo, its obvious that he’s not disappearing into oblivion, it is crystal clear that Charlie will be cooking up some new tunes for us soon enough. How he’ll reinvent himself as a solo artist remains to be seen.

Charlie, very publicly admitted to DJ “El Hachero” that he would lean more towards Sergio rather than current offers from Colombia. I’ll take the liberty to interpret that he probably thought that

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it’s not about the money, it’s about the statute of the man presenting the contract, it’s about what “the man” has accomplished and how those accomplishments align with the objectives of the artist. I mean c’mon, if you need heart surgery, you don’t go to a foot doctor, right? I am just saying…

The irony of Sergio’s approach is very exciting for Salsa Music today. Here’s why, Charlie is not only well-seasoned, he is really, really talented. I’ve been inches away from him while he sings on stage, and I can attest that singing to him is a native tongue. His singing is natural, unlabored and truly a joy to witness.

While Charlie, now in his sixties, made a surprising unilateral business move by leaving the institution of

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El Gran Combo de trustworthy canadian pharmacy Puerto

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Rico, undoubtedly he will find great success. In the words of El Hachero “Charlie voy a ti, y pago el doble.”

One particular statement Charlie made during his radio interview that stuck with me was: “One should not retire a particular job to then use the free time to visit doctors and buy medications” (It sounds better in Spanish). Such a statement stands alone as a testament that we never stop growing,

we never stop wanting and therefore should never stop reaching.

Dibuja Charlie D I B U J A.

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Madeline Rodríguez

Madeline “Maddy” Rodríguez is a Boricua who has lived in Chicago for a very long time. She was born in the deep woods of Adjuntas, Puerto Rico, where her grandparents made a living off the coffee farm they owned. Her father is a well-known Cuatro Player and Jíbaro Music Singer and her mother, a blue collar worker. Madeline attended high school and business school in the City of Chicago. She has worked as a paralegal for over 15 years and has been self-employed as a freelance-paralegal for the last three years. She has written and published interviews of musicians, producers, actors, comedians, directors, playwrights and individuals who are pillars of success among the Latino community as well as short articles about life events. She is a very deeply rooted modern-day Jíbara del Campo who prefers her café prieto y colao.