Chasing Salsa

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ChasingIcon-Newsletter1x1Salsa Music is deeply embedded in the Puerto Rican culture. If you want an historical definition then click here. Or by all means reference all mighty Google. Although you may get tomato sauce instead.

However, if you want an informed opinion from someone who has 40 years of listening, dancing and chasing experience, then I am the one to follow. Put your dancing shoes on and join the Salsa Chase baby. “¡Cójelo ahora LOLA!”

The purpose of this series is to bring you closer to the genre that is known to most Puerto Ricans and Latinas/os as clomid risks “La Clave de Nuestra Cultura.” It’s not just music, musicians, videos, concerts and Lyrical Masters that I will be introducing to you. No. It is simply an underlying introduction of how many Latinas/os produce monumental life events through this music. So serious levitra vardenafil in fact, that we don’t buy cialis online cheap turn off the ignition of the carro until the song is DONE playing – that’s a

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silent code by the way! Can I get an “Amen?”

Furthermore, who can argue these facts: we clean our homes to Salsa music, we make babies to Salsa music, we break up to Salsa music, and I am willing to bet that Salsa can treat and alleviate depression, can I get another “Amen?”. Then, not often enough but once in a while, we women go buy a nice dress, dust our dancing shoes and dance all night to Salsa music con un pollito bien guisao. What? Déja El Show!

In theory, please tell me that: Tu Amor Es Un Periódico De Ayer, by Hector Lavoe is not

the best breakup song EVER? Or try to convince me that Me Liberé is not the best “I packed his shit and threw out the window” type of song. But at the top of all break up songs is, Celia Cruz Que Le Den Candela (I’ve used this cialis medication one in one of my love quarrel! shhh).

Finally, I hope you enjoy this series. That with each article and/ or introduction you can understand why

I do what I do. And for FREE mind you! Just understand that Salsa Music has always been very relevant in my life and I want to share that with you. I know I am not alone buy generic viagra when I state, that no matter the hurdles one is faced to tackle, comfort resides in Salsa music. I’ve found through my own interpretation of the language of Salsa that we are all driven by

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a very strong sentiment: LA CLAVE! (you thought I was gonna say LOVE, didn’t you?- herein is synonymous.)

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Madeline Rodríguez

Madeline “Maddy” Rodríguez is a Boricua who has lived in Chicago for a very long time. She was born in the deep woods of Adjuntas, Puerto Rico, where her grandparents made a living off the coffee farm they owned. Her father is a well-known Cuatro Player and Jíbaro Music Singer and her mother, a blue collar worker. Madeline attended high school and business school in the City of Chicago. She has worked as a paralegal for over 15 years and has been self-employed as a freelance-paralegal for the last three years. She has written and published interviews of musicians, producers, actors, comedians, directors, playwrights and individuals who are pillars of success among the Latino community as well as short articles about life events. She is a very deeply rooted modern-day Jíbara del Campo who prefers her café prieto y colao.