Chicago Dyke March Returns to Humboldt Park

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Puerto Rican Culture Center and Trans-Latin@ Coalition Supports

Chicago Dyke March’s 2nd year in Humboldt Park Community on June 27th

10172857_10152395511528373_3560337173669297384_nThe Chicago Dyke March Collective (CDMC) is honored to have the love and support from the Puerto Rican Culture Center and the Trans-Latin@ Coalition for Chicago Dyke March’s second year in Humboldt Park. The 2015 Dyke March will gather at 1:30PM kick-off at Roberto Clemente High School on the southwest corner of Western and Division, kick off at 2:30 pm, and march west down Division Street.

“We’re so grateful to march in Humboldt Park for a second year, and to have the support of the Puerto Rican Cultural Center and the Trans-Latin@ Coalition’s Chicago chapter. It means a lot for us to be able to learn from an organization like PRCC who has such a rich history of supporting and building community in the neighborhood. The Chicago Dyke March is about celebrating dyke, queer, bisexual and transgender resilience, and it feels very special to be able to work with the Trans Latin@ Coalition, some of whose members have been organizing in Humboldt Park for a long time”, shared JJ Ueunten, CDMC member.

“We are happy to welcome back Chicago Dyke March to Paseo Boricua and the Humboldt Park neighborhood. It is an honor to have our coalition members march right besides them” exclaimed Maritxa Vidal, member of the nationally recognized Trans-Latin@ Coalition and now Co-Chair of its Chicago Chapter.

Chicago Dyke March honors our history of beauty and resistance as a trans and queer community, and we know that Dyke March would not be the magical and transformative day that it is if it wasn’t for the fierce trans and queer folks decades ago at Stonewall, as well as all over the world fighting to exist and reclaim space. We recognize these are the familial battles that have carved the past and present of Humboldt Park, as a community whose essence is one of resistance and resilience. On June 27th we want to celebrate the history that Division Street holds and respect those who have marched before us, who march with us, and who will march after us.

Chicago Dyke March moves to create visibility to honor our histories and identities to disrupt oppression and dominance to challenge silence and fear because we are everywhere because we must survive.

For more information, contact: Iliana Figueroa | 773.251.4404 |


The Chicago Dyke March Collective (CDMC) continues to evolve and exist as a grassroots mobilization and celebration of dyke, queer, bisexual, and transgender resilience. It is an anti-racist, anti-violent, volunteer-led, grassroots effort with a goal to bridge together communities across race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, age, size, gender identity, gender expression, sexuality, culture, immigrant status, spirituality, and ability. We challenge fatphobia and are body positive.

The Trans-Latin@ Coalition advocates for the specific needs of Trans Latin@ immigrants who reside in US and plan advocacy strategies that would improve our quality of life. They help to build a network of trans-Latin@ immigrant leaders who advocate for the advancement and development of the quality of life of Trans-Latin@ immigrants who reside in the US. Their goals are to increase societal acceptance by providing visibility to trans issues and advocate for laws for protection, human civil rights, health care, social and cultural inclusion

The Puerto Rican Cultural Center (PRCC) is a community-based, grassroots, educational, health and cultural services organization founded on the principles of self-determination, self-actualization and self-sufficiency of the Puerto Rican people,

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