The Revealing of a Puerto Rican author, Ginna Salamán

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Ginna Salamán shares an engaging perspective in how she reveals the emotions of her

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characters as told in her published book of twenty-five short stories written in Spanish, Relevo de emociones sin ruta (Relay of emotions without route.) Within her written craft you will find tales that I can only assume are usually kept in the silence of very colorful minds.

Ginna accomplished suspense in her narrative and you find shock and unknown revelations at the culmination of

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each tale. Two in particular stick out. One is “Testimonio de Una Madre” (A Mother’s Testimony.) The short verse speaks of how a mother outcasts her daughter for being so evil, and the mother herself is demeaned for addressing her own flesh and blood so badly… Until of course, Satan himself shows up to court demanding an Order of Protection against the evil daughter…

The second one,“Amor de Domingo” (Sunday’s Love), is about a love letter, which I can only interpret as being written for therapeutic and cognitive purposes since the letter is never levitra testimonials delivered to the intended recipient. The letter’s author is a mentally disturbed woman who is obsessed with a priest – I’ll leave it that, except for this quote: “Te amo de mi parte y me amo de parte tuya” (I love you in my

behalf and I love myself in your behalf.), That’s a WEPA moment right there….

Ginna was born in Carolina, cialis inflate a ball Puerto Rico where she later studied journalism at the University of Puerto Rico. Thereafter, she obtained a Masters Degree in Literature at Universidad Sagrado Corazón in Santurce.

Ginna and I met at Migdalia’s Caribbean Beauty Spa where she was hosting a meet and greet. I was eager to shake her hand and congratulate her on her book, especially now at a time where minorities are so often criticized and made for naught.

On or about 2010 she realized that there were tales that she wanted to share, emotions that flooded her mind. These thoughts and emotions, as she said, “most individuals would pay little or no attention to. These are tales of truth and fragments of imagination which can haunt most writers.” I enjoyed meeting her and reading her book. She managed to keep me interested and I very much appreciated the evidence of culture that made for lively and animated characters.

Therefore, I hereby make the honorary introduction buy cialis of an educated Puerto Rican woman who partakes in the evolution of women viagra online substantiating professionalism, culture and creativity.


You can buy Relevo de emociones sin ruta here.

Relevo de emociones sin ruta is currently being translated into English, but Ginna tells me it is a lengthy process (ETC: 3 years.)

Future work by Ginna will include: Mas Invisibles que Dios (More Invisible Than God), a story about homeless children in México and their struggles to survive; and Partitura en tiempo al-origen (Music notes in time al-origen) a tale of adventure, time travel and humor.

*Translations herein are for purposes of comprehension of non-Spanish readers of this article and are not to be misconstrued as work or future work-title(s) or quoted by the

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subject herein.

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