Microaggressions: The Transguy Edition

by E.J. Dávila | April 27, 2014 10:52 pm

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QueerIcon-Newsletter1x1These are exact quotes of things people have said to/ about me throughout my transition:

“But how are you a guy if you don’t have a penis?”

“Hey girl!…..haha calm down. I’m messing with you.”

“Who? You mean him-her?”

“What does your family think? Aren’t Hispanics Catholic?”

“Can I see you with only your binder?”

“I thought transmen were just gay girls who couldn’t handle being gay.” 

“How is your girlfriend not a lesbian?”

“She should wait until she is older to make such a drastic change.” 

“How do you have sex without a dick?”

“Transgenders really need to wear buttons or something. I would be so mad if I wanted to have sex with a guy and it ended up being a girl.”

“You’re only reinforcing the binary!! How can you be a feminist?”

“Can’t you just be a butch girl? Why do you need to be a guy?”

“But how do you know you’re a man?”

and last but not least…..

“*whisper* So….are you gonna get…..the surgery?”

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