A New Logo for the Diasporic Jíbarxs

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La Respuesta proudly presents a re-mixed logo* honoring the jíbarx roots of the Boricua Diaspora.

This simple casita connects Puerto Ricans on both the islands** and in The Diaspora in distinct and interconnected ways. For islanders the colorful casita is a symbol of caribeñidad, community, poverty, and marginalization. These homes and the people, most notably the jíbarxs***, who built them are the descendants of the enslaved, indentured servants, and peasants, whose labor built the modern world. These are the same people who were re-defined as “excess population” and sent off to work in the Empire’s fields and factories, but re-built a Puerto Rico through casitas as literal centers of culture and politics.

The casita also has a Puerto Rican flag hanging on its window. Our flag is a symbol that connects and identifies Puerto Ricans wherever we are in the world, but lets not forget that it was illegal once to do so and its original light blue triangle, associated with pro-independence beliefs, has only recently been appropriated and widely accepted. La Respuesta believes in una sola estrella.

The teal and orange colors are renditions of the red and blue of the Puerto Rican flag.


*Concept and design by Xavi Burgos Peña

**Puerto Rico is not just one inhabited island, but an archipelago that includes communities on Vieques and Culebra.

*** “Jíbarxs” encompasses both jíbaras and jíbaros.

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