Ode to the Gravid Banana Tree

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Photo: Kevin Austin, flickr

By: Nylda Dieppa

Bunches of fat green ape fingers
Huddle around the knobby pole
That ends in a shy cluster of yellow eyelashes
Demurely covered in a wine-colored veil
Strong and thick and protective and bruised.

Food for some, decoration for others,
Nuisance for the ignorant
But beautiful.
Heavy, delicious mafafos,
I waited many years for your gestation.

Many years too I’ve waited for my own Birth
Awakening Empowerment.
The culmination of what I was supposed to become:
Beautiful, strong, foreign, pungent, fulfilling
Food for friends and foes alike.

Only the wise, the patient, the brave
Can look beyond the blood-covered front
That hangs, limp and lifeless-looking,
And picture beauty and sweetness inside.


Nylda Dieppa is a Puerto Rican writer, poet, translator, and author of Alborada: A Poetic Memoir Across Cultures, a finalist in the Royal Palms Literary Awards competition. She is currently working at her Central Florida home on a memoir based on the life of her ancestors in Puerto Rico titled, Amada (Beloved).

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