The Renacimiento of La Respuesta

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We’re excited to share with you that a new La Respuesta magazine will kick off in 2016!

La Respuesta entered the scene two-years ago as “The Response” to a demand for a publication with a critical focus on Puerto Rican communities, struggles, and identities. With a small group of activists and zero-funding, we’re proud to have captured public imagination and inspired new approaches to understanding the Boricua Diaspora. We’ve published 400 pieces of original media by dozens of Boricuas and attracted an audience of over half a million. In a recent survey 81% of readers believe we’re a central voice for the Puerto Rican Diaspora. These are amazing accomplishments that motivate us to take “LaRes” to the next level.

We’re making great strides on a journey that began months ago to: re-imagine our mission, restructure the Editorial Core as a media collective, and expand our community presence. We also got a couple of surprises in store for you too. We’re investing the time and energy into this engaging process because nuestro pueblo deserves an innovative magazine. In the months leading up to the re-launch be on the look-out for the dynamic fruits of this labor.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to periodically publish fresh, new pieces, because we’re firmly committed to invoking change in our communities. For this reason, La Respuesta is unparalleled among publications writing about Puerto Ricans.

We hope you will join us on this adventure with your feedback, support, and assistance. Hit us up at:

En lucha,

La Respuesta collective


Happy New Year 2016 | La Respuesta

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La Respuesta is a platform to showcase the critical, provocative, and inspiring work by, for, and about Boricuas across the Diaspora and Puerto Rico.