We are a space to exhibit the latest in Boricua Diaspora thought and cultural productions and a platform to connect our communities.

If you’re a writer/ blogger, artist, activist, scholar, ghetto/barrionerd, malcria’o – whatever – hit us up! We actively encourage contributions on an array of topics and mediums (news, photography, poetry, essay, short story, zine, film, comic, etc). We only ask that it be relevant to the Puerto Rican people and experiences in the U.S. and stay true to our mission and vision. We also strongly encourage submissions from Puerto Ricans of other historically marginalized identities, including youth, women, afrodescendientes, queer and trans folks, and those living with (dis)ability.

To submit, write a one paragraph proposal regarding your contribution or send us whatever you’d like to submit (in a google or word document). Include your full name, city/ state of residence, and a two sentence biography. Email:

Submitting your work does not guarantee its publication in La Respuesta. It shall be reviewed by the Editorial Core and you will be contacted if it is accepted. Remember, this is a grassroots project, so do not expect to be compensated financially. Thank you.