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Something Rotten is Happening in Holyoke

HolyokeMuralThe debacle in Holyoke continues. A few weeks ago, we published a statement from artist David Flores whose public mural was being denied display in the highly Puerto Rican-populated Massachusetts city.

“On Saturday, September 20, 2014, my Puerto Rican Diaspora-themed piece was commissioned and then excluded from being displayed as part of a public art initiative specifically because of its affirmation of Puerto Rican identity.” – David Flores

A day after we published his statement, the town’s mayor, Alex Morse, responded to the public outcry and decided to give the Boricua-themed public art piece a permanent home in City Hall.

Now the city’s council wants to ban all public art installations. The mayor vetoed this measure. In return, the council is attempting to override this – tomorrow! Read the mayor’s full statement, here.

“Last week, the City Council voted to place a moratorium on future public art installations. I vetoed the order, and tomorrow the Council will decide whether to override my veto. In addition to my veto, I have signed an executive order formalizing the process by which public art may be installed. With this step, I am confident that the Council will choose not to override the veto.” – Mayor Alex Morse.

We should all keep in mind that almost half of Holyoke’s residents are Puerto Rican, but with very few representation in political office and public initiatives. This measure by the city council is in direct response to the controversy over David Flores’ mural, which was created to pay homage to the Holyoke’s Boricua community. In other words, the city’s elected leaders (outside of the mayor) rather trash all public art initiatives than let Latina/os or Puerto Ricans play a role in it. Let’s hope they do not succeed.

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Bronx Photography Exhibit: Sin Límites by Seis del Sur

Following the groundbreaking show of 1980’s South Bronx at the Bronx Documentary Center, Seis Del Sur is back, this time with an exhibit of contemporary work. Join us for a collective follow up of our journeys through today’s New York and beyond, to Puerto Rico and Latin America. Opening July 25, 2014 at the Bronx Music Heritage Center,…

Naked Freedom?

BarrioIcon-Newsletter1x1I love to see a naked body any day. A naked Puerto Rican body? Even better! But I’d also like to consent to seeing such things. Apparently, friends and people in the virtual world don’t feel the same, especially since its in the name of art.

Yesterday, three folks were arrested for baring all in the middle of San Juan’s busiest square while being sketched by art students. The performance piece was the graduate project of one of the accused, who upon her release grudgingly stated to Noticel that “the law continues to define the body as something dishonest and impure”.

That is true. The law (in both the colony and Empire) is indeed made up of shaming and dehumanizing mandates towards our bodies and the identities and practices associated with them.

But lets not lose sight here of that fact that they just strolled up onto the plaza and got naked for all and I mean all to see. That means the viejos playing chess, the abuelas going to church, youth going to school, tourists looking for an authentic experience (and ‘chacho they may have found it!). How was their consent received, how were they engaged in the concepts apparently inherent in this act? They probably weren’t, which also speaks to the elitism of performance art, but I digress.

They most likely did it to receive the press they are now gushing over and with the knowledge that they’d be arrested for violating the indecent exposure laws of the Código Penal. In other words, they proved their point.

I bet you’re thinking: Wait, what, Xavi is conservative?! That asshole… Well, I’m all for civil disobedience and provocative acts of protest, but is “freedom of expression” something that we should apply for every act conceived? No. Should we run around supporting every act in the name of art and radical forms of expression? Naw, Im good. Sometimes we got to check ourselves and others.

Interestingly enough the mayor of San Juan said that she personally doesn’t have anything against this form of art and would’ve approved it if they had requested permission. According to her statement to El Nuevo Día the city could’ve provided some type of notice regarding the performance to offer people with a consensual choice whether to view it or not. And I think pedestrians would more often than not decided to see it.

Whether she’s telling the truth its hard to say, since this happened after the fact. But it’s a pretty progressive statement for a mayor of a major city and seemed like a good compromise. Like, who really likes to get arrested? It seems the performers didn’t, as one can see in the video below. Bendito. 

So let’s be mindful of who’s the audience we’re trying to provoke and engage with; and the manner and context of the engagement. And be willing to compromise and not be so quick to support everything because its “art” and “freedom” after that pesky government gets involved. Bandwagon politics really aren’t that cute of a look.

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