The Assimilating Reflexión

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This poem engages the assimilation that many young Puerto Ricans go through living in the United States. In addition, it looks at Puerto Rico’s status in regards to becoming a state under the union of the United States of America.

Look beyond the pane glass mirror….

¿Qué es lo que se ve?

Is it the same person?

¿Una o dos personas?

What if I told you it was the same person?

Bajo una sola causa de los muchos.


Although, you looked you did not see….


Is it the language that bonds us together?

Como mi corazón y mi cuerpo. Or is it the

two flags that bond us together as one

flutters in the cool island breeze standing

so tall than the other.


Aunque se veía que no viste….


¿No es mi cultura? Your Culture?

We sprung from a beautiful island

of Borinquen. Sólo pide una segunda

casa para llamar a nuestro propio.


Although, you looked you did not see….


Are we so different that you must cast us out

behind your borders of blue solitude. O

simplemente los prisioneros de su destino.


Aunque se veía que no viste…

Usted buscando, pero no puede ver.

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