The Palestine Forcejeo

Dedicated to: The Palestine/ Boricua Struggle

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This poem is dedicated to the prolonged struggle of the people of Palestine and the commitment to share their fight against the evils of oppression. Like Palestine, Puerto Rico has endured years under a system of colonialism. So as we continue to fight for independence, we stand in solidarity with Palestine, here, forever, in our Diaspora.

Photo: Cyrl, flickr

Photo: Cyrl, flickr

Through, the dark espacio
with broken escombros
there in the mist lies a boy
with hope and conflicto.
He cannot deny
what’s to come.
As dreams cast away,
he looks beyond his window
for an isla de verde retreat.

The boy struggles
to approach his problema,
but he lacks the potencia
to overcome his conflictos.
For he hears the gritos
lurking from this conflicto;
bullets tempting his fate,
he trembles to his feet.

At every waking momento
reciting his sueños,
he waits only to reclaim
his conflicto.
Hardships as real as
his, how can one
bear to live his conflicto.

For there in that dark espacio
with broken rubble
lies a boy gone and lost
without a hero
to relinquish
his life of troubles.

Pero look who’s there,
a hero to relinquish his fears.
A broken mirror before him;
mira! it’s a hero!
Ready to change his fears,
to take on his feats;
looking for a path
to relinquish his pasado.

Fierce and ready to
change his peers.
Bullets flying
he walks through his fears,
making way by
recalling his conflictos.

Aywa! for there,
on that isla de verde retreat,
amongst his peers there
lies el niño
renounced as a
of his troubles.


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Gabriel José Maldonado

Poet, Gabriel José Maldonado (also known as Neo-Literato) was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He is a graduate student at Bank Street College of Education, where he majors in Museum Education. In his spare time, he loves writing poetry and taking photos throughout his travels. In the future, he intends to pursue a career in preserving Hispanic and Latina/o cultures, because being Puerto Rican has made him proud to spread our culture through the arts.